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Its easy to forget about the vertical plane in a room when decorating (that is, the walls, windows and doors) and just focus on the horizontal (usually taken up with rugs, tables, benches and chairs). A well curated collection of objects on display on a wall or shelves, will instantly have the affect of increasing the proportions of a room.

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A room is totally brought to life once the eye is drawn upwards. The quickest way to achieve this is to install a large piece of art or ceiling to floor curtains but having a collection of favourite objects on display is way more interesting and always worth the effort.

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India Hicks’ home in Bahamas


The Stylist’s secret to doing displaying objects well, is to sort through them carefully and group them according to something they have in common – colour is the easiest.

A favourite is ceramics. Ceramics because they come in all colours, can be rough, smoothe, tribal or super modern, hand-made or machine made. Ceramics can be collected over time from op shops or high end stores, whatever your budget.

Themes that always work are blue and white, hand-made terracotta ones or glazed vases and bowls in creams, greens, reds or pinks. They will always look neat and tidy and interesting. A ‘set and forget’ approach to styling that can create a calm corner in a busy home.

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Marle store, Darlinghurst


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